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Touchless Car Washes Phoenix

Prevent Scratches & Swirl Marks

Anytime Touchless Car Wash offers touchless car washes at 4 of its 6 Phoenix locations – Splash N Dash, Motor City Auto Wash, Wash Around the Clock, and Peoria Car Wash. As the name suggests, a touchless car wash is an automatic car wash that only uses a chemical application to lift dirt and a high-pressure rinse to remove it – nothing actually touches your vehicle (with the exception of the top two wash packages which include the tire & wheel scrubber option.) With no spinning brushes or dragging curtains, there is no potential chance of scratches, swirls, broken mirrors, antennas, or body mouldings.

All of our locations use industry-leading touchless equipment and technology to deliver the highest quality wash for your vehicle. Our machines are not only fully loaded, but also fully maintained by factory-authorized technicians, fed only the best chemicals and 100% softened and reverse osmosis water. If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a touchless car wash before, or perhaps weren’t satisfied with a different company’s wash, please consider visiting one of our locations to experience the Anytime Touchless Difference. But don’t take our word for it…

Touchless Car Wash Locations

Features & Options

Open 24/7/365All of our Car Wash locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

The Anytime Touchless Car Wash Difference

Watch the owner go through the touchless car wash and explain the process!

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Was surprised to see this place was open for 24 hours, took card and cash, had an automatic wash and dry, and it actually turned out amazing. The wash itself seemed slightly futuristic(), where you just pull up, stay still, and let the machine do its thing until it directs you to pull forward to dry.
- John M. (Yelp)

High-Pressure Pre-Rinse Blasts away dirt and grime after the heated double-pass pre-soak application.

Prevent Scratches & Swirl MarksNO spinning brushes hitting your car's paint

Premium ChemicalsFeaturing ONLY Turtle Wax (TM) and Simonize (TM) manufactured premium chemicals engineered to maximize shine and protect your car

Titration Experts Properly mixed chemicals ensure dirt is lifted off your car (encapsulation) and then washed away

Add a Sacrificial LayerProtect clear coat for better shine and hydrophobic properties (water beading) and more

Specialized Wheel Cleaning Remove harmful brake dust and road grime

Automatic Dry99 seconds of dry time ensure a spot-free shine every time

Check Out Our Before & After Results

Anytime Touchless Car Washes Phoenix - Before Photo - Ford F-150 Anytime Touchless Car Washes Phoenix - After Photo - Ford F-150
Anytime Touchless Car Washes Phoenix - Before Photo - Rubicon Anytime Touchless Car Washes Phoenix - After Photo - Rubicon

Benefits of Touchless Car Washes

There are several benefits of using a touchless car wash over a regular automatic car wash or a hand car wash.

Benefits for YouTouchless car washes are convenient because they are faster than hand-washing. They also don't require any manual labor, so they are perfect for people who don't want to get their hands dirty or people who are sensitive or allergic to chemicals. By not requiring any manual labor from staff either, it reduces the cost.

Benefits for Your CarOne of the best benefits of touchless car washes is that they are safer for your car because they don't use brushes that can scratch or damage your car's paint. In addition, if you're looking to get your car washed quickly and efficiently without getting out of your car, a touchless car wash is a great option. Overall, it is fast, efficient, and gentle on your car.

Benefits for The EnvironmentTouchless car wash technology is getting better and better each day. Nowadays, touchless automatic car washes are more efficient than they used to be with water saving turbo nozzles and more effective chemicals.

FAQs Touchless Car Wash Phoenix - GMC Truck

Tips for the Best Touchless Automatic Car Wash Experience

Tip #1 - Get Your Car ReadyMake sure your windows and doors are perfectly closed. Be sure to fold in mirrors. If you'd like more details, pleas read our instructions here on how to use our touchless car washes.

Tip #2 - Drive Slowly Through DryerDrive slowly as you go through the driers to get rid of excess moisture and avoid any streaks. This will give you a spot-free shine every time.

Tip #3 - Have the Right Set of ExpectationsA properly maintained paint finish will always clean better than a neglected one. Extremely dirty cars with unmaintained paint finishes, months of buildup, baked on bird droppings, hard water spots from yard sprinklers, etc. simply can’t be completely cleaned with a touchless car wash.

Tip #4 - Pay attention to the clearance!At Anytime Touchless Car Wash, our clearance is 7 feet 0 inches. NO DUALLYS are allowed in the touchless bays however, we have self-service car washes available at all of our 6 Phoenix locations. Learn more about our self-service car washes here.

Anytime Touchless Wash Packages

Anytime Touchless Car Wash Phoenix Arizona Logo
2 Pass Hot Presoak
High Pressure Touchless Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Undercarriage + Rocker Panel
Clear Coat Wax
Triple Foam Polish
Total Surface Protection
Wheel Scrubbing Option Anytime Touchless Car Washes Phoenix

Wheel Wash Option

No brushes are used to clean you vehicles painted surfaces. Although, wheel scrubbing brushes are used for wheel cleaning only, as it is very difficult to clean wheels with only chemicals and high pressure water. Our wheel scrubber option is included in the top two wash packages. If you prefer not to have your wheels scrubbed, then choose one of the bottom two wash packages.

If you’re looking for the best car wash in Phoenix, look no further than Anytime Touchless Car Wash. We offer a variety of touchless car wash packages that are perfect for any budget and we are open 24 hours a day. Visit us today to experience the touchless difference. We’ll always do our best to make sure you are a happy customer!

Touchless Car Wash FAQs

Yes! Touchless car washes work by using a chemical application to lift dirt and a high-pressure rinse strong enough to remove dirt and grime without damaging your paint job.

No, a touchless car wash only uses a chemical application to lift dirt and high pressure rinse to remove it. No spinning brushes or dragging curtains means no potential chance of scratches, swirls, broken mirrors, antennas or body moldings.

Touchless car washes use high-pressure water jets and no brushes or cloths, while friction car washes use a combination of low and high pressure water jets and a variety of cloths and brushes.