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Have Touchless Car Wash Questions?

If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a touchless car wash before, you may have some questions. In our FAQs we address everything from the safety of chemicals and the quality of water to the products we use, so you can feel confident about the touchless car wash process.  If you don’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact us form here and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for considering our car wash services for your vehicle. 

Read our FAQs for Answers

FAQs Touchless Car Wash Phoenix - GMC Truck
No Brushes are used to clean your vehicles painted surfaces

No brushes are used to clean you vehicles painted surfaces. Although, wheel scrubbing brushes are used for wheel cleaning only, as it is very difficult to clean wheels with only chemicals and high pressure water. Our wheel scrubber option is included in the top two wash packages.  If you prefer not to have your wheels scrubbed, then choose one of the bottom two wash packages.

Yes, we only use chemicals manufactured by Turtle Wax and Simoniz. These chemicals are specifically formulated for the touchless car wash industry and properly titrated upon application to manufacture specs to effectively clean and not damage your paint finish.

No, a touchless car wash only uses a chemical application to lift dirt and high pressure rinse to remove it.  No spinning brushes or dragging curtains means no potential chance of scratches, swirls, broken mirrors, antennas or body mouldings.

No, Our touchless automatic is known as a In Bay Automatic Roll Over.  Your vehicle will stay stationary during the washing process while the machine moves back and forth over your vehicle.

Our machines use “Turbo Nozzles” that apply a cone shaped stream of water at 1100 p.s.i. This type of rinse is not only very effective but safe, as the pressure is not nearly strong enough to damage any properly maintained car surface.

Neither. Only soft water and Reverse Osmosis water is used through the entire washing process.  We never use recycled or straight city feed hard water. Soft water is mixed with the chemicals during soap applications and only soft water is dispensed as well during the high pressure rinse cycles. Your final application of spot free rinse is purified reverse osmosis water.

Well, there are two big factors to this FAQ about touchless car washes –  the machine and what the machine is fed.

This is why we like to say, “just because it’s the same machine, doesn’t mean you’ll get the same clean.”

When a operator orders their machine from the manufacturer, it’s no different than buying a new car. There are base models all the way to fully loaded, just like a car.

We Buy Fully Loaded Machines

We only buy fully loaded machines with every available option.  This allows the greatest array of wash options and chemical applications to ensure the best wash possible from a touchless wash. Secondly, operators may use cheap off brand watered down chemical, feed their machines hard water, not properly maintain the pumps and nozzles for proper high pressure washing nor maintain the spot free rinse system.  There simply is no way of knowing which operators give the best of everything or skimp to pad their bottom line.

All our machines are not only fully loaded, but also fully maintained by factory authorized technicians, fed only the best chemicals and 100% softened and reverse osmosis water.

A touchless car wash can only do so much. Extremely dirty cars with unmaintained paint finishes, months of buildup, baked on bird droppings, hard water spots from yard sprinklers, etc. simply can’t be completely cleaned with a touchless car wash.  A properly maintained paint finish will always clean better than a neglected one.  Vehicles should be fully waxed once if not twice a year, clay bar if necessary prior to waxing to smooth the finish and remove industrial fallout. One could also ceramic coat their vehicle for the best finish possible. Simply put, properly maintained paint finishes will always clean better than neglected ones.

We do not offer any unlimited plans.  We do though keep our prices  low in comparison to the express washes pay per use prices.

We have been in business since 2004 with self service car washes, and the touchless car wash business since 2008

We use Mark VII AquaJet XT700 In Bay Touchless Automatics.  These are the gold standard of touchless car washes built right here in the U.S.A.  in Arvada, CO

No, dually trucks etc. will not fit in the touchless wash.  Entering will not only damage the wash, but also the dually.

If a vehicle does not fit within the guide rails, it is too wide for the machine.

It is always recommended to fold in mirrors, especially on wider vehicles during the washing and drying process. 

Removal of your antenna is not necessary.

Watch Our Video to Get Answers

Our overview video explains our touchless car wash process and describes our products and services. It is a great resource as well to help get answers to FAQs about touchless car washes.

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