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Self-Service Car Washes Phoenix

For the DIYer in You!

Anytime Touchless Car Wash offers self-service car washes in all 6 Phoenix locations. Self-service car washes, also known as self-serve car washes, are a popular option for those who want a convenient and cost-effective way to keep their vehicles clean. These car washes allow customers to take control of the cleaning process, using equipment and supplies provided by the car wash to wash their vehicles. This typically includes high-pressure water and soap, foaming brushes, pre-soak, and other chemical solutions. With the self-service car wash model, customers can choose the specific wash options and chemicals they want to use, ensuring a thorough cleaning without the risk of damage to the car’s paint finish.

However, not all self-service car washes are created equal. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of self-service car washes and some key factors to consider when choosing one.

Self-Service Locations & Clearances

6 Convenient LocationsBAY CLEARANCES
Splash N Dash - 9’
Greenway Car Wash - 12’
Motor City Auto Wash - 10’ 6”
Wash Around the Clock - 11’
Simply Clean Car Wash - 10’
Peoria Car Wash - 9’

Self-Service Features

Open 24/7/365All of our Car Wash locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Phoenix's Top Self-Service Car Washes: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Clean for Your Ride

Self-Service Car Washes Phoenix - Anytime - Friary After Clean

Self-Service Car Wash Process

Self-service car washes typically involve a five-step process: pre-washing, washing, waxing, rinsing and drying. The pre-washing step typically involves a pre-soak application to loosen dirt and grime followed by high-pressure soap via a wand to blast away the loosened dirt and grime from the car’s exterior. After pre-washing, customers use hog’s hair bristle brushes and chemical solutions to scrub the car’s body. After this, customers can choose additional chemical applications to brighten the paint finish like the Low PH Tri-Foam application as well help with water beading by applying the wax/drying agent prior to the Spot Free Rinse.

Once the car is thoroughly rinsed, customers can use the provided drying equipment, such as high-powered air blowers for a spot free shine — all with minimum elbow grease.

Anytime self-service car washes offer self-detailing options with vending machine products, such as tire shine, wheel cleaner, and microfiber towels, and more which can add a final touch of shine to the car’s exterior and interior.

Lastly, when you use Anytime’s Self-Service car wash you don’t have to be bothered with the clean up that you would need to do if you washed your car at home.

Benefits of Self-Service Car Washes

Self-service car washes offer several benefits for car owners. From saving money to the convenience of having everything you need in one place.

Cost EffectivenessSelf-serve wash bays and self-service wash options are often more affordable than regular car washes, making them an excellent option for those on a budget.

FlexibilityAdditionally, self-service car washes allow customers to wash their cars at their own pace and according to their preferences. This means customers can choose the specific wash options and chemicals by stage that they want to use.

ConvenienceAnother benefit of self-service car washes is convenience. Like our Touchless Washes (available at 4 of our 6 locations) our self-service bays are also open 24 hours a day at all six of our convenient locations, making it easy for customers to wash their cars whenever it's suitable for them.

Easy on Your CarSelf-service car washes do not pick up dirt and grime from vehicles that have gone through the wash prior to you where there is then the potential for that dirt to scratch your car’s paint. For example, in a traditional tunnel car wash with spinning brushes and Mitter-curtains, or "fettuccini noodles" that drag over your car… are often not rinsed and can scratch the car's paint if they come into contact with sand or other abrasive materials.

Eco-FriendlinessFurthermore, self-service car washes are eco-friendly as they use less water than traditional car washes or even washing at home.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Self-Service Car Wash

Not all self-service car washes are created equal. Two of the most important things to consider when choosing a self-service car wash – Equipment and Quality of Chemicals Used.

Self-Service Car Washes Phoenix - Anytime - Customer Washing Van

#1 - Equipment

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a self-service car wash is the type of equipment used. Anytime’s self-service car wash chemical setup and water quality can significantly impact the level of cleanliness achieved. Also, Anytime Car Washes all use premium hog’s hair brushes and in bay hand held blow dryers for a premium self-serve car wash experience.

#2 - Options

Another essential factor to consider is the range of options available. Anytime self-service car washes come fully loaded with every possible opportunity, while others may be more limited in their offerings.

Pre-SoakSelect this options as an initial application to loosen dirt and grime

High Pressure SoapSelect WASH/SOAP and apply high-pressure soap to your entire vehicle

Premium Foam BrushOne famous feature that our customers love is our premium hog’s hair brushes. Gently scrub you whole vehicle clean and rest easy while the foaming brush provides a layer of protection to your vehicle during the cleaning stage. Hog’s hair brushes are much gentler on a paint finish than cheaper nylon brushes used at other washes.

High Pressure RinseAnytime self-service car washes blast off all loosened debris and foaming soaps. with a 1200 p.s.i. high pressure water blast after using the foam brush to clean.

Clear Coat WaxAnother feature that is becoming increasingly popular is clear coat wax. Anytime self service car wash provides this as a paint protectant that helps in beading of water and will aid in the drying process.

Spot Free RinseAnytime self-service car washes use a spot-free rinse (purified reverse osmosis water) that has been tested and found to be cleaner than bottled drinking water for a spot-free finish. Essential as it can help ensure your car is spot-free after the wash.

Wheel & Tire CleanerBreak up the brake dust, tar and road grime by treating your wheels and tires to this stage of extra cleaning.

In Bay Hand Held Blow DryersThis is the star of the show and a customer favorite. Many customers who are sticklers for a scratch free paint surface will use this option, as the blow dryers will blast away the water at over 200 m.p.h. Eliminating those pesky drips or the need to ever put a towel to the surface to dry.

Self-Service Car Washes Phoenix - Anytime - Customer Washing ATV

#3 - Quality of Chemicals Used

Choosing a self-service car wash that uses top-shelf products is essential regarding chemicals.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that these chemicals are properly mixed according to manufacturer specifications. This is known as titration, and it is crucial for achieving the proper balance of chemicals for thorough cleaning without damaging the car’s paint finish. Anytime self-service car wash prides itself in taking proper measures to ensure that the premium chemicals are mixed correctly so you get the great results you expect.

Car Wash Extra Tips

TIP #1

Proper paint finish maintenance is an essential factor to consider when choosing a self-service car wash. Vehicles with a well maintained clear coat, waxed or ceramic-finished cars will clean much better than non-coated or oxidized cars. In addition, a clay bar can be used to remove existing wax and contamination to further smooth out the paint finish.

TIP #2

Additionally, if you have a nice new car, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid using traditional spinning-brush car washes, as they may scratch the paint. This is especially true for Tesla cars, as damage claims won’t be honored if the vehicle is brought to an express (brush) wash. Tesla’s user manual specifically states “touchless or hand wash only”. For those, it’s recommended to use a touchless automated car wash instead.

TIP #3

Choose a self-service car wash with a vested interest in ensuring you are a happy customer. Anytime Car Wash prides itself in self-service car washes where the owners who are accessible to customers to answer questions and ensure their needs are met.

TIP #4

Please keep in mind the limitations. For example, Anytime self-service car washes do not allow bucket washing, towel hand-drying or detailing in the wash bays. The reason for this is because we need to keep the self-service car wash bays moving so all of our customers can complete their car wash in a reasonable amount of time. Upon completing your self serve car wash, we invite all of our customers to pull into our detailing/vacuum area where they may hand dry/towel dry, vacuum and detail their vehicle.

No Bucket Washing

Please note, this policy is in place to ensure maximum efficiency of self-service wash bays so that all of our customers are able to wash their vehicles in a timely fashion. Please feel free to dry and detail your vehicle in our vacuum/detailing area, thank you!

Your Ride Deserves the Best. Visit Anytime Today, seriously.

In conclusion, self-service car washes offer a convenient and cost-effective way for car owners to keep their vehicles clean. Anytime self-service car washes in Phoenix uses high-quality equipment, and chemicals and offers a wide range of options to ensure your car is properly cleaned.

Are you looking for an affordable car wash option that offers all this? Look no further! Anytime’s self-service car wash provides a range of equipment and supplies at a fraction of the cost of traditional car washes. Come and experience the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and excellent service of a self-service car wash at Anytime Touchless Carwash today!

Self-Service FAQs

A self-service car wash is a car washing service where customers use equipment and supplies provided by the car wash to clean their own vehicles.

Self-service car washes allow customers to clean their own vehicles, while automatic touchless car washes use advanced technology to clean the car without customer involvement. Self-service car washes are often more affordable than traditional automatic car washes as well as the best choice for extremely dirty or muddy vehicles. Touchless car washes are quicker and enjoyed by the customer as they remain in their vehicle.

Self-service car washes typically offer a range of equipment and supplies, including high-pressure applications, foaming brushes, and chemical solutions for pre-soaking and cleaning the car.

Self-service car washes are eco-friendly as they use less water than traditional spinning brush car washes.